Top Blackberry Weather Apps

Whew. As you can imagine – there are a LOT of weather apps for the Blackberry. Some are free, some cost money, some are city or state specific and others cover the weather worldwide.

The “Best Blackberry Weather App” is an argument I have had with many people and I’ll be honest – it can be tough to pick the best one.

What I’ve did is go through every Weather App on Blackberry, and crunched the list down to what I feel are the best Blackberry weather apps – the cream of the crop. I should note that some of these may have trial versions or premium versions so be sure to search the app name and then pick the version that is best for you.

Your needs may be different. For me – I like to keep track of the weather in a couple of different cities as I travel often. For the city I reside in, I like easy access to see what the weather is like over the next couple of days.

I highly recommend going through every one of the weather apps below to determine what you like best because there’s a good chance that what I find is best, you don’t. However after a month of testing every app, this is my preference of the top Blackberry weather apps:

Note: Avoid XWeather Pro Blackberry App:

Before we start, I highly, highly recommend avoiding the app XWeather Pro. Immediately after installing, I was hit with a spam message on my Blackberry. The app itself is a nightmare in regard to setup, not even recognizing valid e-mail addresses and with numerous spelling errors. It also gave various errors upon launching my Blackberry and I couldn’t even get the app going. If they sort out their compatability I’d love to change my mind – but as of now it is a mess and will just be a hassle for you. Use at your own risk.

#6: WeatherEye(The Weather Network) Blackberry App:

As you can see from the screenshot, the weather network app is very visually appealing and provides the information in an easy to read manner. Long-term and short-term forecasts are a mere click away, along with hourly forecasts.

This really is a fantastic app, and should be #1. But it isn’t. It barely made it on this list simply because of how glitchy this app is. It’s a battery consumer that is out of control – you can tell it to exit and it won’t exit and freezes a fair bit. There’s quite a lot of complaints about it on App World as well. I’d absolutely love to use this app, but not when it is constantly running and it refuses to exit(tested on 2 Blackberries).

#5: The Weather Channel Blackberry App:

I’ve heard of a lot of complaints for the pay app for The Weather Channel app so I’d stay away from that or read the reviews first. This app isn’t bad but it’s very slow and does not have a good user interface at all. Tough to navigate through the screens. I remember using this app awhile ago and it was a lot better – one of those times where upgrades and updates actually make something worse unfortunately. It’s worth a try, but I think the majority of you won’t be impressed.

#4: WeatherTrax Blackberry App:

I really liked WeatherTrax because of how simple and quick it was. While it lacked a fair amount of features and could be laid out better, it’s a great solution if you’re concerned about memory issues. It’s very quick with a gps function which is convenient, and I’d make it your #1 weather app if you’re concerned about your Blackberry speed.

#3: WeatherBug Blackberry App:

There’s a lot of things I like about Weatherbug. The interface is really well done, and there’s a lot of information available to you. It’s silly, but I also liked being able to pick what weather station it should use for my city as well.

However I’m not a fan of navigation within it. You either have to use the menu or use shortcut keys. I’d like to see more navigation within each screen. The information also would take time to load – for example I’d have the “Forecast” displayed then switch to another screen and immediately switch back and have to wait a few seconds for the forecast to load again.

#2: AccuWeather Blackberry App:

This was my #2 app by far. Honestly if you’re looking for a free app then this should be your #1. The interface is nice and everything is presented well. It’s also highly customizable.

Switching between cities was a bit of a chore for me. Also the ads that appear can be very annoying. I’ve no problem with ad-supported apps – however these ads pop in an annoying fashion that seems to slow everything down while they appear. I’d also like to be able to customize or remove the navigation bar at the bottom. Other than that, AccuWeather is a fantastic app, and the #1 choice for me when it comes to a free Blackberry weather app.

#1: BeWeather/BerryWeather Blackberry App:

This is the best app if you need to track the weather quickly in multiple cities. With a quick flick of the scroll wheel, you’re able to cycle through all of your setup cities. It’s also got a lot of great other features that you’d expect from a weather app like GPS-locator weather, detailed forecasts, long-term forecasts and ability to choose your weather station.

However this app is a tricky one to judge. If you’re going to pay money, and don’t mind paying $9.99 for an app then this bad boy is worth it. It’s very slick, with everything you could ask for when it comes to a weather app. If we discount cost, this is the best Blackberry weather app.

But is the cost really worth it compared to some of the other free apps out there? The free BeWeather App is severely cripped compared to the pay app. If you’re willing to pay the money for a top of the line weather app then this is for you. If however you are looking for a free app, then I wouldn’t recommend BeWeather.

I was prepared to pay for an app, and I am EXTREMELY happy with Berry Weather. There’s so many great features in this, like the ability to set the weather as your current wallpaper. For me, the pay version of Beweather is the #1 Blackberry App by far.

Get a 3 day trial version for free – click here.

What’s your favourite Blackberry weather app? Try them all out and report your findings in the comments below!