Best Blackberry Text Messaging / SMS Apps

I’m sure I’m not alone – I’ve got some of those friends that I’m rather ashamed of. Friends that don’t know the joys of BBM. Friends that are still stuck on Android OS phones or – *shudder* – iPhones. Friends that…ugh…TEXT.

Texting is so 2006, yet some people just haven’t caught up to the joys of Blackberry Messenger. Thankfully in the Blackberry App World, there are quite a few apps that can enhance your texting experience.

I spent some time texting with my iPhone “friends” and trying out every SMS & Text Blackberry App available. Here are the ones that I felt made the cut – if you also text a lot on your Blackberry, these Blackberry Texting Apps are apps that you should check out.

Now one thing to note is that there are some apps that are the same price and offer practically the same functions. So rather than list each one individually, for apps like that I will list the function that an app provides, and then list all the apps that I felt did a good job of providing that function.

Such as:

Schedule an SMS Blackberry Apps

I’ve always wanted the ability to schedule text messages on my Blackberry to be sent out at a later date. Sometimes my wife will tell me to text her later that day to remind her to take her birth control pill. But hey wait a minute – now the pressure is on me! Now she can forget and it’s up to me to remember! That’s not fair. Thankfully I never have to worry about that. I use a text messaging scheduler Blackberry app, schedule a text to my wife for 6 hours later saying “Hey, take your birth control pill” and whew – just dodged a bullet, and no pregnancy test sweating in my future!

There are quite a few Blackberry text scheduler apps. I’ve tried out a few of them and I really couldn’t make a decision on my favourite. The ones I tried that I felt were good were SMS Scheduler Pro, FutureText and Future SMS Scheduler, . The screenshot above is from SMS Scheduler Pro.

Depending on the app, they all have a variety of similar features. Obviously, scheduling text messages for a specific time and date. You can also schedule them to go to multiple recipients, create a variety of delivery schedules, and send re-occuring texts which is good for birthdays, anniversaries etc. You should try the three mentioned and see what works best for your Blackberry.

Blocking Text / SMS Message Blackberry Apps

You may want to block specific text messages. There are quite a few Blackberry Apps which will do that. The best one I found is SMS Blocker. This was a fantastic app and is featured in the screenshot above.

It allows you to set any numbers you don’t want a text from, and then block them. You can also set a period of time for when you want to block people if required, and of course be able to see the blocked messages if you REALLY want. It also offers a password protection feature so that you can block access from people if they are using your phone.

There’s a few text blocker apps out there but to me that was the best one by far. I also want to quickly mention TrueText. This was a small SMS Blocker program that I tried out and was quite impressed with – it’d basically block any SMS that contain certain words. Kind of neat little Blackberry app.

Auto-responding Blackberry Text Apps

Maybe you’re at the movies or are busy and can’t take any telephone calls or text messages at that time. Maybe you’d like to let people know that? Well now you can, with auto-responding blackberry SMS apps.

Out of all the apps I tried that were auto responding, only a few I really liked. The first was Call Later Autosend SMS. It was a very clean interface, and easy to use. It had all the features you want for auto responding to telephone calls – you select how long for, and then you have automated messages to choose from or can write your own. You can add your own templates, and choose to allow you the choice of a text to send, or send one automatically. That’s the App in the screenshot above. It would’ve been nice to also be able to respond to text messages via it, but unfortunately that isn’t currently a feature.

Another solid choice was ASAP Pro. It’s pretty much the same as Call Later. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee though which is always a plus in this age of “can’t get refunds on digital downloads”.

There’s also Siesta Text. What I really liked about Siesta Text was you could set it to auto-respond on text messages as well as telephone calls. Very handy, and comes with its own homepage notification item to let you know it’s active. Also for auto responding to text messages – you can tell it to choose who to respond to.

Text Message Template Blackberry Apps

These are basically apps that change the look of your text messages – both incoming and outgoing, and make them fancier. Depending on the app you can have backgrounds, different font colour, icons, emoticons – that sort of thing.

It wasn’t something I really had a need for, but I’m sure some people do. The screenshot above is from Empower SMS Viewer and Composer. I tried a few different ones, and the only other one I’d recommend trying is SuperSMS.

Text Message Alert Blackberry Apps

There are some really good apps out there when it comes to getting better alerts from text messages. Sometimes I miss a text message, or I get so many that I kind of lose track – that’s why we have some great text message alert apps out there. Some will play specific audio files if a friend/group sends you a text, do a different LED, send notifications to others, and allow some really extensive filters to let you customize it greatly.

When it comes down to it, there were two apps that really stuck out to me. AlertMatrixPro which is shown in the screenshot above, and Text911.

Alert Popup Blackberry App:

This isn’t a list of apps – this is an actual app. A really neat popup app for your Blackberry, so that no matter what screen you are on, you will be notified of any e-mails, PIN messages or text messages. The app I am referring is entitled Alert Popup and the company behind it are X-Reve.

How this app works is very simple – it will popup any messages immediately. You can set it to display just the sender, or show the full content of the message. The popup allows you to call, reply to the text, reply to the e-mail, mark e-mail as read or delete it as well. Really handy stuff.

There’s a lot of Alert popup apps out there for Blackberry, but that one really stuck out to me.

And Finally…crunchSMS

crunchSMS is an app on its own, and it’s fantastic. They also offer a free version of it with practically all features available(although after a week, they’ll hit you with ads). What it does is basically take SMS on Blackberry and make it 10x better. It adds contact pictures, tons more emoticons, signatures, vearious different styles, quick reply function…man, I could go on. But just download crunchSMS for free and try it for yourself and you’ll see what a great app it is.

Whew. Hopefully you enjoyed this list of the Top Blackbery SMS / Text Messaging Apps. If you have any others you prefer, mention them in the comments below.